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Lifeguard Service Review Find out how Aquatic Safety Consultants Australia can help your Lifeguard Service / Water Safety team reach their potential.
Lifeguard Service Development Find out how Aquatic Safety Consultants Australia can help design, develop and implement a Lifeguard Service plan for your Coastline or Resort
About ASCA Aquatic Safety Consultants Australia is a consultancy team of highly experienced and skilled current and ex professional lifeguards.


Review of Lifeguard Service

For Council’s, Resorts & Contractors responsible for the provision of a current professional Lifeguard Service/ Water Safety team.

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Developing a new Lifeguard Service

For organisations who require the design, development & implementation of a Lifeguard service for their coastline / resort. 

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Consultant Profiles

ASCA provides its clients with experienced, qualified & specialised consultants.

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Contact Details

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